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Why You Should Buy Wholesale Statement Necklaces

A statement necklace as the name itself suggests is a statement that you wear. So the next time you go out make sure to wear one. However, statement necklaces transform someone’s mediocre look into a grandiose outlook. Nowadays many people wear statement necklaces whether it is a party, special event, or just a casual outing. But decades ago it wasn’t the case as many people only wore them for special occasions. At feiliu jewelry we make the best statement necklaces for wholesale. Our passion for making premium quality jewelry made us more than capable of making statement necklaces.

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The History Of Statement Necklaces

The history of statement necklaces originated all the way from the stone age. Those cavemen and women used to wear certain necklaces larger in size. Also, It helped them to attract their mates. In ancient Egypt, people would wear statement necklaces as a fashion choice. It helped them to get all the attention they were craving. Also in the victorian era, people used statement necklaces. It gave the sense of opulent and high-class outlook they were looking for. So Hollywood and celebrity appearances are a big part of modern-day statement necklaces. They tend to create fashion styles during red carpets and awards events.

How Statement Necklaces Upgrade your Outfit

Statement necklaces give the exact look that one’s looking for. Whether it is needing the center of attention or simply wanting to feel glamourous these necklaces assure that. Most women wear statement necklaces as a part of jewelry. However, it is more than just a piece of jewelry. There are statement necklaces that go along with any dress. For Professional outlooks and offices, events have a variety of designs.

Feiliu brings forth the most amazing collection of statement necklaces. Not only that there are statement necklaces that suit casual outfits. Wearing this gives an extraordinary look to yourself as well as the dress. For instance, if you are wearing a dress do not have any flashiness. Statement necklace gives you the look and feels you are looking for. When it comes to professional dresses and work outfits, statement necklaces come in rather handy. It upgrades your outfit in a very professional manner.

Choosing The Right Statement Necklace

It is really important to carefully choose the right necklace. This will decide your opinion on statement necklaces. No one should wear a party statement necklace to an office. or the other way around. It always comes down to common sense to determine how you wear it. Also being aware of the current fashion trends plays a big role. Especially for celebrities and other public figures. They should do research about statement necklace trends before wearing them in public. However, there are statement necklaces that work with any kind of outfit. Some people like the classy fabulous look but some just want to have a simplistic look from it.

Therefore choosing the right statement necklace totally depends on the person, occasion, and price range. Feiliu designs and manufacturers the best kind of statement necklaces for wholesale. We have many customizable collections of statement necklaces for your desired look.

Process Of Making The Statement Necklaces

Compared to regular necklaces, statement necklaces need a rather complicated process of manufacturing. So this process also depends on the type of statement necklace. There are necklaces that need perfect handcrafting skills to fix certain gems and all to the necklace. Also to have absolutely accurate measurements of the gemstones and attach them to the necklace. It takes about 4-5 weeks to finish a statement necklace. During this time the necklace goes through various stages starting from the design to prototypes to the final product. We at Feiliu use the best cutting-edge technology and highly skilled employees. And we guarantee the authentic look and quality you looking for. We use the highest quality raw materials and manufacturing procedures up to standards. Also with more than a decade of experience & passion for jewelry, we ensure your satisfaction. We guarantee durability, affordability and detailed designed for the products.

Choose Your Length Of The Statement Necklace

Bib is one of the most common types of statement necklaces. These types of statement necklaces are very popular among previous generations. Usually, the materials that are used in Bib are much lighter. Therefore you can wear it for longer periods of time. Long pendant statement necklaces are quite long. But finding the right length is tricky. If you are a much taller person having a longer statement necklace is important and the other way around for a short person. A short choker is also another type of statement necklace.

In Feiliu there are various statement necklace types according to your preference. Having the freedom to choose and customize your order is very important. Feiliu ensures customer satisfaction with the long service years of the business. We have an MOQ of 100 pieces that you can order.

Feiliu Jewelry – The Best place to buy custom couple necklaces and all types of other wholesale jewelry


If you are looking to buy wholesale statement necklaces and other jewelry of any type, then this is the go-to place. Because Feiliu Jewelry has been in the jewelry manufacturing business since 2008. And have been able to dominate this industry with our services and products. We have constantly improved over the years gathering a lot of experience and skilled staff as well. So if you are planning to buy wholesale initial necklaces from us, we will guarantee you the best service possible. And we have OEM and ODM services that will allow you to make customized jewelry with us while you can order any amount you like at once.

So contact us today to get all the information and free samples from us before you buy our products. And we will make you some of the most attractive wholesale initial necklaces money can buy.

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